Theresa Lindauer

New Trend: Dark Tourism

The guests are waiting in the wings - no one can wait any longer to finally pack their bags again and join you on vacation. After months of Corona restrictions, the longing for something new, for nature, for freedom is incredibly high. For you as hotel owners, this means giving guests the opportunity to satisfy their desire for experience, to inspire them, to surprise them. And this in the most individual way: Away from standard experiences, towards unique experiences!

So why not dive into new areas?

A fascinating newcomer trend in tourism has become known as "dark tourism". Here, everything revolves around secrets, dark stories, legends and sometimes even places of horror. Over the last few years, tourists have shown an increasing interest in mystical, bizarre and even sinister experiences. Among other things, this is due to increased media consumption and the growing tolerance for more extreme experiences. Furthermore, the interest of visitors in the historical background of destinations is also increasing.

The "Lost Places"

So-called "Lost Places" - places that seem rather unknown and abandoned, far away from mass tourism, but always hide an exciting story - cast a spell over curious explorers. Especially when traveling, it is increasingly important for people to get to know the country and its people and to delve more deeply into the history of their temporary home. The points of sustainability, regionality and uniqueness are particularly addressed in "dark tourism" experiences, which fits in perfectly with current tourism developments and is essential for future success in the industry.

Now it's up to you to think about which exciting, mysterious places or experiences in your area are waiting to be discovered by visitors! Is there a captivating legend teller in your town? A fearsome torchlight tour through old castle walls? Or maybe the mill in the next village is haunted by evil spirits?

We are looking forward to exciting ideas for experiences that will give you goose bumps and heart palpitations!

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Theresa Lindauer
Theresa is currently our intern at Giggle and a great asset to our Team!She studies Business and Management at the Management Center Innsbruck and is originally from southern Bavaria.