How to enrich your guests' Easter vacation with unique experiences

Let your guests experience their Easter vacation in a very special way by creating unique experiences that will remain unforgettable. We have put together our favorite experiences and some tips & tricks for you here.

Maren Menzel

Customer Success

Easter traditions with a difference

When it comes to Easter, most people think of the traditional Easter egg hunt, the Easter walk or the Easter bonfire, but it's so easy to turn these traditions into wonderfully unique experiences.

1. Easter egg hunt with a surprise effect

Turn the Easter egg hunt into an event for children and adults and hide not only eggs and sweets, but also vouchers for your next stay, a wellness massage in between or a welcome basket at your next check-in.

2. Creative and homemade

Homemade is always good, but the experience for our guests is even better when we think outside the box.

For example, have you ever dyed your Easter eggs with natural materials such as blueberries, red cabbage and onions? If not, then it's time to try it out with your guests this year. A little tip for the particularly creative among you: try using "one-line art", i.e. a single stroke, to draw small pictures on your dyed eggs at the end. All you need is a felt-tip pen and each egg will be unique for your guests.

Small Easter-themed cooking and baking workshops also work really well. For example, you could bake an Easter lamb and gingerbread cookies with Easter motifs together or make your own eggnog with your guests and then taste it together.

3. The Easter walk as team event

Easter is a special holiday that is a time of joy and celebration for many people. It's also a time when families and friends come together to create memories, so team events are a particularly good way to create a sense of community.

Why not combine the Easter walk with collecting firewood for the Easter bonfire in the evening? Pay a visit to your local farmer together or organize an egg race in your hotel garden. The children will definitely have fun.

For the adults, a candle meditation on Easter night is a good idea - a simple but effective way of meditation that allows your guests to relax and focus on what is really important.

Now we wish you lots of fun creating your experience ideas and then, of course, a wonderful celebration with your guests.

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