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Thanks to our connection to the world's best translation tool Deepl, the tedious translation of your texts is a thing of the past.

Adding your personal touch by choice

If a translation is not 100% suitable for you, you can easily adjust it at any time - just switch back and forth between the input languages.

Hide experiences as needed

Since some experiences should not be available in every language, you can also make individual experiences invisible for certain languages.

Make your experiences visible to the world!

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The integration of the experiences on our website and also in Re:Guest is indispensable for us. This way, our guests can see which experiences they can expect from us in the prestay mailing before they arrive or even before they make their booking decision. If an experience needs to be adjusted at short notice, it is quick and easy.

Julia Jäger

Wirthshof: Hotel & Campingplatz am Bodensee

Ilona Konzack


Already after our first meeting it was obvious that Giggle.Tips is the best way to make our experiences and packages visible and bookable for our guests in a clear and simple way.

Karin Pfeifenberger

Schloss Leopoldskron