We connect guests & hosts via experiences

At Giggle.tips we are convinced that people and experiences make the difference. That's why we have made it our mission to put an end to the uniformity of tourism marketing and to connect guests and hosts through authentic experiences.

The Giggle.tips Mission:

"We are developing the world's best solution to make experiences visible and bookable literally everywhere. Period."

The gigglers

Our people and values

"...for the many colorful faces and experiences in tourism!"

As a team, we Giggler could not be more different.our team comes from 6 different countries in Europe with diverse cultures, talents and values.... and yet we have been united by a common mission for years!

‍What keeps real Giggler together?
The deep desire to develop something extraordinary and thus change the world a bit (at least in tourism marketing). 🚀
That's why we make sure to work with people who are not satisfied with the standard. People who want to spend great things with their individual disciplines and passions and have the courage to break new ground.

What do gigglers burn for?
For new ways, courageous people, smart technologies and the many colorful faces and experiences in tourism that make our lives more fulfilling and exciting.
For too long, tourism marketing has been in a slumber. Worldwide, thousands of tourism providers are waiting to become successful with their were strengths and passions.
With Giggle.tips we want to give these passions and strengths a stage - because for too long we in tourism have been forced into an unnecessary comparability with millions of other providers through our basic products (rooms, facilities, price)!

What we don't like?
Copy cats, nay-sayers, sticking to the status quo, and borders (whether mental or geographical)

The integration of the experiences on our website and also in Re:Guest is indispensable for us. This way, our guests can see which experiences they can expect from us in the prestay mailing before they arrive or even before they make their booking decision. If an experience needs to be adjusted at short notice, it is quick and easy.

Julia Jäger

Wirthshof: Hotel & Campingplatz am Bodensee

Ilona Konzack


Already after our first meeting it was obvious that Giggle.Tips is the best way to make our experiences and packages visible and bookable for our guests in a clear and simple way.

Karin Pfeifenberger

Schloss Leopoldskron

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