Winter experience trends 22/23

Want to know what vacation experiences are in demand this coming winter? These 4 trends are currently hot among guests and vacationers... 🔥🔥

Tobias Schrott


Trend #1: Pure nature! The outdoor trend

Consciously experience the beauty of nature with your eyes, ears and especially your heart. Take a deep breath of the cold, clear mountain air, watch the snowflakes dance and sled down the mountain like you did as a child. Man, animal and nature - an interplay that always promises a very special experience. Cross-country skiing with a husky, feeding reindeer in the Dolomites or going on a wildlife safari with a forester - people are happy to have opportunities to experience the splendor of nature even in winter.

Trend #2: Turn winter into summer!

Simply brave the darkness and gray thoughts creatively for a change. You can have beautiful summer experiences in winter, too. All it takes is a little imagination. Barbecue in winter? Why not? Find a nice spot, dress warmly, set up the grill and let's go! And who says pubs or yoga is just for the summer months? Giggle hosts are very creative.... and never cease to amaze even us experience experts with what's possible.

Trend#3: Offering the adventurers among us - action at last.

For far too long they have had to keep still. All those adventurers to whom an adrenaline kick means so much. Challenge and competition - that's the experience they're looking for. 2022 has spawned many new, creative trend sports. Instead of jogging, there's now trail running; instead of sledding, there's air boarding; instead of ice skating, there's now slacklining. The main thing is that it should be new, dynamic and different. A gopher off-road rally, snow cruising with a fast speedster or a moonbike tour. And after all that effort, a hot toddy. What more could a person want?

Trend #4: Get out of the hamster wheel and experience life more consciously.

Of course, there are also people who long for the exact opposite of adventure. For rest and relaxation and the feeling of consciously experiencing. For them there are wonderful things like walk and talk coaching, meditation with depth or biohacking. A kind of self-optimization by improving nutrition, routine and behavior.
Many people use their time off or vacation to get back in shape.

From superfoods to face yoga - here, too, every guest will find "his".

These are them - the winter trends 2022/2023! Hotly sought after and relatively easy to implement.

Hosts who offer their guests authentic experiences this winter are sure to have a great season. We're not worried about that at all.

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We wish you a super winter!

Tobias and the Giggle team!

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