Interview with the Dubkow-Mühle about authentic experiences and Giggle.tips

We visited our customer the Dubkow Mühle and interviewed owner Ilona, her long-time partner Andreas, and manager Mario about the significance of experiences in today's world.

Maren Menzel

Customer Success

The Dubkow Mühle, located in the beautiful Spreewald, became a Giggle.tips customer this spring. Host Ilona Konzack herself admits that she had been exploring our tool long before she finally decided on our Experience Channel Manager. They have since achieved great success, generating above-average reach, as well as a multitude of inquiries and bookings, despite their smaller capacity compared to larger establishments. 

Stories of such success always delight us, which is why we are grateful to owner Ilona, her long-time partner Andreas, and the new manager Mario for providing us with an on-site interview on the topic of "experiences." The interview mainly focused on what makes a vacation experience special for them, why there is a shift away from standard and basic business, what the most beautiful experiences at Dubkow Mill are, and why they now share their guest experiences through Giggle.tips.

From standard business to authentic experiences 

Ilona explains, "I believe that everyone is unique, every place is unique, and I am convinced that with authenticity, one's own ideas, and personal efforts, we can best connect with guests. You can always sell the things you believe in the most." Andreas emphasizes, "Here, you can do a variety of things, and you can turn them into experiences. It's no longer just about food, drinks, and lodging." Ilona and Mario both agree that the most important thing is for their guests to feel comfortable, enjoy their time, and want to return. According to Mario, they achieve this with "great experiences, great food, and an overall concept in a huge paradise in the green."

Special vacation experiences at Dubkow-Mühle

During our visit to the Spreewald, we witnessed the experiences on-site and the unique natural landscape firsthand. One of our highlights was definitely paddling in boats, and all three of them confirmed afterward that boating and guided barge trips are truly special experiences in the Spreewald. Guests can glide along for hours, enjoy the tranquility, and leave behind the stress of everyday life. The experience on the water is complemented by exquisite dining in their restaurant, including homemade yeast pancakes, which are a must-try, or a juicy steak from their own cattle farming. Mario explains, "I believe the overall concept here is something you can hardly find anywhere else." Andreas adds, "Here, you can enjoy both tranquility and adventure. I think that's what makes this place special." He goes on to say, "I have more ideas that we can showcase effectively through Giggle towards the end of the season."

Guest experiences and Giggle.tips 

Working with Giggle.tips has proven to be a great decision for all three of them. Andreas affirms, "You really supported us in setting everything up, and it's quite easy—following the instructions, it's relatively easy to set up. This, in turn, contributes to our reach, especially through Facebook, Instagram, starting from our homepage; we can generate a lot more reach. I think it's a cool thing, and we receive plenty of inquiries through it." Ilona fully agrees, stating, "I've noticed that it works really well. It's a simple process for the guest. They search for what they want, and we appear, and if we present ourselves well, which is also crucial, we have a good chance of getting booked."

So, what does this mean specifically regarding Dubkow Mühle's experiences and our various channels:

1. Integration on the website 

Dubkow Mill has integrated their guest experiences multiple times on their website. The highlight experiences can be found on the homepage with links to their dedicated experience page, providing an overview of all experiences. Additionally, various reservation buttons in the text lead directly to bookable Giggle.tips experiences.

2. Integration in guest emails 

They have incorporated their experiences into their guest emails through a graphic that links to the experience page on their website. This sets them apart from the competition and promotes additional bookings before guests arrive.

3. On-site communication

On-site, they use our QR cards during check-in and have also integrated the Giggle web app QR code into their menu.

4. Google Places, FB, Pinterest, and Instagram 

Furthermore, they utilize our three automatic interfaces to Google Places, Facebook, and Pinterest, regularly sharing their experiences as Facebook posts and Instagram stories.

Dubkow Mill is doing many things right to succeed with their experiences, and as a result, they are rewarded with reach and numerous inquiries and bookings. 

If you also want to get started with Giggle.tips or need assistance with experience integration, please feel free to contact us at hello@giggle.tips.

Our interviewees:

  • Ilona Konzack is the owner of Dubkow Mill and grew up in the vicinity. Her family has been associated with Dubkow Mill since 1920. She took over the restaurant business from her father in 2004.
  • Andreas has been Ilona's partner for 16 years. In addition to his own business, he supports Ilona both operationally and in their online presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Giggle.tips.
  • Mario became the manager of Dubkow Mill this year. He has been actively working as a cook/kitchen chef in the region for 15 years, making him very knowledgeable about the cuisine and everything that comes with it.

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