Special highlights for your guests this Christmas & New Year's Eve

Christmas and New Year's Eve are just around the corner, and as a host, you know it's the little details that make a holiday unforgettable. Therefore, enchant your guests with special experiences and let our ideas inspire you. This year, our ideas range from festive activities to contemplative moments, ensuring there's something for every guest.

Maren Menzel

Customer Success

Shared Festive Joy

  • Christmas Karaoke Concert in the Lobby: Imagine your guests singing their favorite Christmas songs together, surrounded by festive decorations. This karaoke concert can be a cheerful highlight of your Christmas program.
  • Ugly Sweater Christmas Jumper Contest: Combine the karaoke experience with a contest for the most original or funniest Christmas jumper. This creates a merry gathering that delights both young and old.

Contemplative Moments

  • Mindfulness Briefing: Offer your guests the opportunity to find peace and contemplation through mindfulness exercises. This can be a daily short program that helps them relax during the often hectic Christmas season.
  • Evening Meditation: A guided meditation in the evening can also help your guests wind down the day calmly and prepare for a restful sleep.

Interactive Experiences

  • Christmas Tree Decorating Action: Invite your guests to actively participate in decorating the Christmas trees. This communal action promotes a sense of belonging and lets your guests feel part of the hotel community.
  • Twilight Walk with Sparkling Lights: Organize evening walks with sparklers or torches, where your guests can enjoy the beauty of the wintry landscape. This can be a romantic or family-friendly program item.

Creative Activities

  • Smoking Workshop: Offer a workshop where your guests can learn traditional smoking techniques. This is not only a unique cultural experience but also an opportunity to try something new.
  • Gift-Giving of Homemade Cookies: An afternoon where your guests bake and decorate cookies together, then give them away as gifts. This fosters community and provides a warm activity in the cold season.

New Year's Specialties

  • Planting Lucky Clover: Here, your guests can plant their own lucky clover – a symbolic and interactive action to welcome the new year.
  • Wax Pouring on New Year's Eve: This tradition is an exciting way to welcome the new year. Let your guests pour wax into water and interpret the resulting shapes – fun for the whole family.

With these experience ideas, you offer your guests not just a stay but a series of unforgettable experiences. They not only promote a sense of community but also provide individual experiences that will remain in your guests' memories for a long time. Use these ideas as inspiration to offer your guests an unforgettable stay and set yourself apart from other hotels.

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