Do it yourself experience ideas for your guests

At a time when individual and personal experiences are the key to every vacation, you as a vacation provider are faced with the exciting challenge of offering your guests exactly that. But how can you create exceptional experiences without having to resort to extensive resources?

Maren Menzel

Customer Success

We present our carefully selected "Do it Yourself" (DIY) experience ideas that are not only on trend, but will also provide your guests with unforgettable moments. From a homemade beer tasting to a relaxing outdoor spa - discover how you can create great experiences that your guests will love with relatively simple means.

1. Culinary discoveries and moments of pleasure

DIY beer tasting

Provide your guests with a selection of local or craft beers and allow them to taste them in a cozy atmosphere. With information provided about the individual beers, they can immerse themselves in the world of brewing and discover their personal favorite.

Campfire and marshmallows

What could be better than a crackling campfire under the stars? With a campfire kit including wood and marshmallows, you can offer your guests the perfect opportunity for a romantic or sociable evening in the great outdoors.

You & Me picnic date

Surprise your guests with a fully filled picnic basket for a romantic date in the great outdoors. From tasty snacks to a cozy blanket - everything they need for an unforgettable picnic experience is provided.

2. Nature, fun and adventure

Nature to grasp. Adventure box

From bird watching to exploring the plant world - with the Adventure Box, which contains everything from special binoculars to a fishing rod, your guests can discover nature all around them.

And the winner is? Jenga game experience

A game night with Jenga can be the perfect end to an eventful day for your guests. To round off the experience perfectly, simply provide your guests with drinks, homemade potato chips and chocolate.

Stargazing - Observe the stars

Equipped with a telescope and a star chart, your guests can explore the night sky and maybe even spot a shooting star. Perfect for romantic nights, family-friendly adventures or an inspiring solo trip into the universe.

3. Creative and relaxing time-outs

DIY painting session in the outdoor studio

Creativity knows no bounds, especially in the great outdoors. Offer your guests the opportunity to capture their impressions of the surrounding landscape on canvas by providing them with painting utensils and an inspiring outdoor location.

Incense meditation

An incense meditation in a special place, such as a hay barn, can have a deeply relaxing effect. With homemade incense blends, candles and a peaceful environment, you can create an oasis of calm for your guests.

It's movie time! Movie night in the apartment

Spending a cozy movie night in your apartment can be just as exciting as an adventure in nature. With popcorn, wine, antipasti and a Netflix movie of their choice, you can offer your guests a relaxing evening for themselves.


These ideas should serve as inspiration for your own experiences. Because whether it's the peace and tranquillity of an incense meditation, the creative freedom of an outdoor painting session or the fun of a games evening together - it's these special moments that make your stay unforgettable. And with a little creativity and the right resources, that's exactly what you can offer your guests: Unique experiences that they will remember for a long time to come.

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