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Greentime instead of screen time

Green time instead of screen time

The year 2023 not only continues to stand for sustainability and green thinking, but also for extraordinary experiences, an ever-increasing thirst for adventure, and vacations that serve mental health and deceleration.

Adventure wins: Back to the Wilderness

High on the agenda in 2023 are small and large adventures in contact with nature. Almost half of guests (44%) want their travel experiences to be more back-to-basics, while 58% are even interested in learning survival skills. But that doesn't necessarily mean it will be at the expense of enjoyment in the future; it will just be a bit more "adventurous." In this regard, shorter excursions, so-called "microadventures," are extremely on the rise, as these have been proven to have a positive effect on mental and emotional health. So enjoy with your guests a small adventure excursion and show them, how they can manufacture e.g. fire completely without aids. Of course the pleasure surprise may not be missing to the conclusion at the self-made campfire. After all, experiencing & discovering makes you hungry.

Health break thanks to mindfulness experiences

Global travelers are looking for places of deceleration and experimental wellness experiences in 2023. A survey found that nearly half of travelers (44%) want to book a meditation and mindfulness trip. More than two-fifths of vacationers even want a "health break" in 2023. That's why experiences to decelerate and take a deep breath in nature lend themselves to this. Whether by the sea, in the forest or in the park, let your guests literally soak up the sounds of nature and the energy of the ground and thus find new strength and mental power. We promise you: For all offers around meditation, mindfulness and mental health your guests will love you.

The slightly different salad: Culture shock desired

Travelers in 2023 want to get involved with the unknown. The appetite for new places, crazy experiences and authentic food is on the rise. 50% of travelers even want to experience a "culture shock" in 2023. The more unusual, the better. Therefore, show your guests hidden treasures or convince them with authentic cooking workshops. The search queries for food with the terms "traditional" or "authentic" have increased dramatically. Is your accommodation by the sea? Then create an experience around seaweed and coastal vegetables - one of THE food trends of 2023!

Now it's your turn to offer your guests adventurous experiences, immerse them in your culture and traditions, and get back to basics with them - whether it's earthing in the park or the next survival camp. We are already looking forward to your experiences!

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