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How can your hotel survive in a dynamic future?

Our Founder Tobias Schrott and his father Reinhard, the founder of Best-Wellness-Hotels, went on a journey into the past in the last webinar to find out that the values of that time are still relevant today. Here you can find a summary of the most important inputs:

It wasn't that long ago that vacations became something everyone took for granted. Before the 1930s, it was reserved for the very privileged, wealthy people. After that, tourism changed quite quickly in the direction of bus tours and mass tourism - until the 1970s, when it was recognized that counter-trends were needed. At that time Reinhard already stated, as a host you have to get away from the masses, towards individuality, towards the well-being of every single guest. It was recognized that a person's environment has the strongest influence on his or her well-being - and that this can be used to the best advantage of hosts in tourism.


Full-blooded tourism experts Tobias and Reinhard recognize that these values are still important for hosts today: On vacation, you sell your guests time, and the opportunity to make the most of it and remember the experience for as long as possible. Hosts should create well-being - on the one hand, of course, for the guests, but equally important is the well-being of the employees. Honest, authentic employees have become a luxury good in tourism these days, and that's exactly why hosts have to take good care of them. Hence Tobias and Reinhard's call:

Give your employees a face! Integrate them into your business offers! Motivate them to be active in their field! Simply include your employees in your experiences, show them, put them in the center of attention! Expand your networks in your region! This is the only way to create honest, authentic tourism. And that's exactly what we need in such a dynamic time as this.


Honesty. Humanity. Authenticity. This type of tourism is one of the mega trends that will dominate the tourism market in the coming years. We in the Alpine region are blessed with a unique natural environment. We have the best prerequisites, as man longs for nature and mountains more than ever. But we also have to "get our nature across honestly and credibly", as Tobias so aptly put it.

In contrast to this is the completely standardized tourism. Everything is fully automated, everything is standardized as well as possible. This is maximum efficient tourism. Our two tourism professionals are sure: many businesses will also choose this path.

There will be no middle ground - because the market in the middle is completely disappearing.

No matter which way you choose, we from Giggle will support you, because experiences are essential for both ways. For an efficient tourism as well as for an authentic tourism.

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Tobias Schrott
Tobias is the founder and CEO of Giggle.Tips. The 28-year-old entrepreneur and tourism enthusiast has over +7 years of personal experience in hotel marketing consulting and founded his first company at the age of 17. Tobias has already led teams of +20 people for several technological development projects in Berlin and Innsbruck and holds a master's degree in International Business and Management.