Why worcation is the future

For businesses, it is becoming more important than ever to build a motivated and engaged team. This is where innovative approaches are needed, and this is where you as an experience host come in!

Maren Menzel

Customer Success

First and foremost, let's take a look at the numbers, because they alone are very telling:

Fact 1: By 2028, 73% of all departments are expected to have remote employees.


Fact 2: 74% of respondents lack direct contact with colleagues in the home office.


So we know that more and more people can and will work from anywhere. At the same time, entrepreneurs and employees will face new challenges. For the entrepreneur, it is becoming more important than ever to build a motivated and engaged team. This is where innovative approaches are needed, and this is where you as an experience host come in! After all, your accommodation offers not only comfort, but also a variety of services and spaces that can be tailored specifically to the needs of teams and remote workers. Be creative, because this is another area where you need to transform traditional team events and group incentives into new experiences and create exceptional work environments that inspire.

1. Outside the Box: Unusual work environments

One of the most exciting ways to inspire the team is to have team events and meetings take place in new and unusual places. For example, instead of sticking to boring conference rooms, you could declare your hay barn, beach hut, rooftop patio, or flower meadow across the street as the new working space.

For some inspiration, check out these three experiences: "Outside the Box! Creative Workshop in the Hayloft", "Deep Work | Working in the Tree Lodge amidst the Mountain Forests" and "Business as unusual | Open Air Meeting in the Cornfield".

2. Creating synergies: Creative experiences to strengthen team cohesion

Another effective way to strengthen the team and create new experiences is through team challenges and shared activities. By organizing challenges such as outdoor adventures, escape rooms or geocaching, team members can improve their collaboration and communication skills. In addition, joint cooking workshops or other creative activities help the team get to know each other better and develop an open and positive work culture.

For inspiration, check out our three experiences "Team cooking workshop | Dine around the world", "It's tree time | Team challenge - planting little trees" and "Get our alive! Survival cave camp for teams".

3. A Mindful Team Break: A conscious break for more energy

Being able to relax and unwind is an important aspect of employee motivation. Relaxation and wellness activities are therefore in demand among remote workers as well as companies looking for accommodations for their team events. Employees and remote workers can more easily relieve stress, recharge their energy and return to work stronger.

For inspiration, check out the three experiences "Goodbye Stress! A Mindful Team-Break", "After Work-Out | Fitness-Parcours with Kristina & Michi" and "Brain-Food | Energy Kicks with just one click".


Seize the opportunity as an experiential host to appeal to new guests such as remote workers and businesses by offering them unique work environments, team-building experiences and relaxation opportunities.

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