Theresa Lindauer

Trend Regionality: How To Best Implement The New Hotel Outlook

More and more hoteliers are jumping on the bandwagon of sustainability and adapting their hotel philosophy to this former trend that has now become established. With sustainability, regionality is also becoming increasingly important. Travelers and hotel guests are also placing more and more emphasis on the use of local and regional products in the hotels, of which the origin and manufacture are known. Georg Ziegler from HolidayCheck AG even combines increasing demand in tourism with more regionality in hotels. In the past few years, more and more positive reactions to the regionality of the used products have been noted on rating portals.

Regional products, therefore, have a positive effect on the hotel's image. The variety is huge: from freshly baked rolls from the local bakery to milk and eggs from the neighboring farm, to cheese from the Alpine pasture on the local mountain. Hotel guests are also willing to pay a slightly higher price for regional offers if they can see where the product comes from and that the quality is right.

But regionality does not only include the products that you as a hotelier use. The experiences that are communicated on your website via the Giggle.Tips software can also include the regional providers and thus show a regional, sustainable philosophy of your company.

Regional providers for experiences

A regional provider of experiences can still be the neighboring farm, which no longer only delivers eggs and milk, but also offers guided tours so that your guests can even see where the products used come from. Such tours can of course always be combined with a workshop, e.g. make butter or milk a cow yourself. A completely different example of a regional provider could be the local flight school, which then offers helicopter flights for your guests.

For you as a hotelier, regional providers have a great advantage: everything that you cannot offer in the hotel yourself, you offer through regional providers. This saves you time and a large part of the work and your guests get to know the region even better at the same time. In addition, your own offer gains higher quality for the guests, as it is enhanced by regional providers and experiences.

The region counts

It is also important to involve regional providers in order to ensure that more added value is generated in the region. By purchasing products and experiences from the region, a hotelier, the farmer, baker or helicopter pilot also earns something indirectly from the hotel overnights and you, as a hotelier, contribute to increasing regional added value.

The Red Thread

Finally, back to the beginning, the regionality in turn also strengthens sustainability, because local products eliminate long transport and thus the environment is less polluted, which has a positive overall effect on the hotel's image.

Would you also like to make your experiences more regional? We at Giggle.Tips are happy to support you!

Theresa Lindauer
Theresa is currently our intern at Giggle and a great asset to our Team!She studies Business and Management at the Management Center Innsbruck and is originally from southern Bavaria.