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These days your guests want more than just great facilities, they want transformative experiences.  Become an industry leader and discover how selling hotel experiences will massively enhance your business.
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"Experience communication purely - a Top Tool that brings conversion and saves time at the same time by a central, simple communication our vacation offers!
Manuel Steinmair

Hotelier, Quelle

"Giggle facilitates the complex work of the auxiliary sales for us already before the journey and during the stay and informs perfectly about all vacation experiences.
Stefanie Kaneider

Hotel Marketing Manager, Excelsior

"As one of the most successful hotels in South Tyrol, we face great challenges every day. Giggle is up to these challenges and we are proud to be one of the first Giggle customers with our wide range of experiences".
Klaus Ladurner

Hotelier, Preidlhof

"Ever since Giggle was born, we have been fans and grateful for the communication of our digitalized experiences. Super the additional turnover, that's how working is fun.
Stefan Mahlknecht

Hotelier, Waldhof²

"As an absolute adventure resort in the Zillertal, vacation communication without Giggle is unthinkable for us. Many guests use the tool even before their arrival and book what they want".
Barbara & Güthner Stock

Hoteliers, AdlerInn

"Thanks to Giggle, we can communicate our events and hotel offers much better to our guests. Giggle is simple, compact and modern!
Alexandra Kichukova

Hotel Marketing Management, aDLERS

"An active large resort like ours needs an experience tool like Giggle, so every guest can book into their desired experience and we know what our guests really want.
Stefanie Hörl

Management, die Hochkönigin

Showcase your experiences throughout the customer journey.

Stylishly display your experiences on all marketing and guest information channels. Fully automated and bookable at any point. 
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Elevate your experiences.
Enhanced with deep analytics.

With just a few clicks you can manage your activities and services and turn them into bookable experiences. Thanks to Gigglytics, our hotel experience analytics, you always know exactly what your guests are searching for.

Easily manage activities and guest services,
with automatic translation.

Control participant lists, SPA bookings or additional sales with ease - with Giggle.Tips you have everything under control. Try it for free, with no obligation
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Tourism has many faces. Show yours.

Each of your employees has its own strengths. Use them for your experience communication.

Sarah Steinmair





Freizeit- und Aktivitätenguide

Mario Gerber



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Küchen Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have. Get in touch at
What exactly is is an experience channel manager for hotels and hosts in tourism. It enables individual experiences in hotel marketing and guest information to be made fully visible and bookable in all of your relevant communication channels. Giggle.Tips increases the booking rates of hotels as well generating turnover from additional sales. It saves time in guest communication every day and analyses valuable behavioural data in order to give hotel users a better understanding of the interests of their own guest target groups.

Why start with now?

67% of all holidaymakers feel that the range of experiences on offer is more important than luxurious hotel furnishings. This makes it more and more important for hotel providers and platforms to offer personalised experiences in addition to their great facilities. Giggle.Tips showcases the experiences you offer, automatically via all the relevant marketing, communication, social and information channels you need, and at the same time analyses the interests of individual guest target groups. This has numerous advantages for you.

First, increases the revenues from additional offers by up to 70% and ensures higher levels of sales on various marketing channels through experience communication. Thanks to the central management of all your experiences, Giggle.Tips also helps with daily work processes, avoids unnecessary errors and saves up to 10 hours a week in the back office. Last but not least, ensures a much deeper understanding of vacation behavior and the interests of individual guests based on the user data collected by Gigglytics.

How do I get started with

We have made it as easy as possible to get started with Giggle.Tips! We offer every new user a free and non-binding trial period of two months including support and setup. Would you like to start your trial period? Click here for the kickoff talk! The average time it takes for hosts to start the trial and bring all experiences online is just 3 hours, so for a small time investment in time you can see how perfectly it will work with your CMS.

Which experiences can I showcase with

Anything that gives guests a reason to spend their holidays in your hotel. From the classic weekly program, regional insider tips and exploration tours, through the SPA program to various services and offers for additional sales.

How are my experiences on Giggle Tips managed?

All experience content can be centrally imported and managed via the Giggle.Tips CMS. Thanks to the most advanced translation technology on the market, all content is automatically translated in real time into Spanish, French, Italian, German and English. In addition, Giggle.Tips hotel users have access to their guest statistics, booking lists and much more valuable content at any time.

Strength in Numbers

We trust in the strengths of our partners. For this reason we maintain a network with the most important representatives of the industry. This is incredibly advantageous for both hosts and guests.