This is how Germany's best wellness hotel sells experiences

A balloon ride over the Alps, the personally guided wine tasting in the forest or the sundowner for two under the cherry tree - all these moments are unique vacation experiences that remain unforgettable.

Theresa Lindauer


The hotel Bergkristall 4* Superior is embedded in the phenomenal mountain panorama of the Allgäuer alps and was selected in 2021 as the best Wellness hotel of Germany, belonging to the Top addresses of Europe.

But its success lies not only in its ambience and impressive location - on a clear day you can enjoy views of the Austrian mountain peaks all the way to the great Swiss Alps - but a key success factor is the wide range of experiences from which guests can choose; an incredibly extension of additional bookings generated as a result.

Many channels? No problem

Even before arrival, guests receive an overview of all experiences in the initial communication while booking, and can thus conveniently select the appropriate offers from home. The booking is made without registration and with just a few clicks via the hotel's Giggle.tips experience page, where the guest can find much more than conventional spa treatments in the Bergkristall spa program, but for example also:

From nutritional counseling to coaching as well as WAVE treatments for deep relaxation - everything offered here promotes holistic health and revitalizes vitality. For very special memories and time for two, a wide variety of romantic packages are available. Quite simple, just a click away, at any time and without complicated registrations or downloads - directly over the Giggle.tips hotel website or online-app. So that the vacation can kick-off completely relaxed.

One click & printed!

In addition to the daily mail, containing daily thematic information about the hotel, such as a day dedicated to the delicacies of the region or special tips for the wellness- and activities program, the weekly programs are easily exported in just one click. With this printed program, guests will find a clear presentation for the entire week. This not only facilitates the planning of the actual vacation but also helps the less technologically-savvy guests to get a great overview of all the experiences offered.

Unforgettable moments directly bookable

With the ‘Bergkristall Moments’ we succeed in expanding the offer for the guest in such a way that an even deeper immersion of the vacation experience is possible. A balloon ride over the Alps, the personally guided wine tasting in the forest or the sundowner for two under the cherry tree - all these moments are unique vacation experiences that remain unforgettable.

The whole range of experiences around the hotel is also available for guests via the touchscreen in the lobby of the Bergkristall Hotel and can thus also be booked immediately.

This wide range of experiences, with all the versatile points of contact to the guests and the simple booking via Giggle.Tips, brings an additional turnover - month after month - evidenced in the middle five-digit range.

A management with foresight - that thinks far beyond the sophisticated luxury of a wellness provider in the 4*Superior category - thus creating a place of encounter for guests and their individual needs; is the recipe for the great success of this congenial house.

The faces behind

Another area in which the Bergkristall stands out is in the special response that the family-run hotel gives to its guests.

Since the success factors are each and every one of the employees, who who, through their ideas and communication, provide guests with unmistakable experiences and relevant information again and again, and very easily with just a few clicks on the Giggle.tips experience platform. Guests are able get a very personal impression of the staff in all areas, from the bartender to the masseur or junior chef of the house. The interest of the guests in this is also shown by the lively click rates with 1000 clicks per month on the employees.

Conveniently accessible from the room

Every room is situated with a digital guest folger displaying all the necessary information from the Giggle.Tips stream, such as weather information, bar manus, bookable breakfast to the room, and all the necessary information on the current Covid measures. Via Giggle.tips, all this information can also be accessed via mobile phones. This way, the guests always get information anytime they want!

External & personal

Emerged and developed from a mountain farm, the wellness hotel is characterized, not only, by its impressive surroundings and its stylish alpine style, but also through the new combination of traditional and modern ways of communication with their guests in a very personal way, as well as by the selected offer of exceptional and lasting vacation experiences through Giggle.Tips.

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