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Trend-Report: Nature Wellness


Julian Kielbas

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, countless people around the world were quarantined for weeks and months and had to stay in their own four walls for security reasons. With average urbanization in Europe of just over 75%, this forced many people to temporarily say goodbye to the sight of nature.

As a clear consequence, many holidaymakers are currently looking for more time outdoors. Activities and experiences such as forest bathing or any modifications (natural bathing, mountain bathing, etc.) are particularly popular. It is important that nature wellness offers are strongly adapted to the preferences of the guests! It's not just about relaxation therapy for the body, but also for the mind.

This results in a large number of positive effects through natural experiences. The leading global corporations such as Amazon, Google, or Facebook always offer their employees a green spot in the workplace for a reason. Spending time in nature improves the mood of many people, reduces stress and makes you more creative.

Many guests just thirst for feeling nature.

Nature as a Luxury Good

Clearly, experiences in nature have become a luxury. But they also offer hotels the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competitors through the strengths of the region and the know-how and culture in the company itself. More and more people are leaving the fitness rooms and going outdoors, which is why it is important. Additional offers can also be carried out outdoors, whether it’s massage, yoga, bouldering, meditation or even painting. Only the sauna and the spa area in the building are no longer sufficient to meet the individual wishes of the guests.

The Target Group

Anyone who thinks only young people are enthusiastic about the wellness experience in nature is wrong. The older generation also wants to experience more and more. That is why hotels have to be clear about who they want to address, where their know-how is, what they already have and what the region can offer in order to offer the guests of tomorrow the best possible program.

The most important point at this stage is optimal communication with the guest. Experiences must be mapped immediately and understandably via visual impressions and must be bookable for guests. This is why numerous top hotels in the DACH region already rely on the Hotel Experience Cloud from Giggle.Tips.

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Julian Kielbas
Julian ist unser Sales Manager bei Giggle. Er ist ein begeisterter Bergsteiger, Kletterer und Skifahrer. Ursprünglich aus dem süddeutschen Raum Stuttgart stammend, zog ihn seine Liebe zu den Bergen schließlich nach Innsbruck.
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