If you use Giggle.tips, then your own experience page, the so-called WebApp, has already been generated automatically. This page is mainly used to communicate your experiences to your guests on site. So just think of it as a digital guest portfolio. 

Some info to get you started: 

  1. "View my Giggle App" will take you from the CMS to your experience page at any time. 
  2. Under "Hotel / Corporate Design" you can change your logo, the background image and the colors, if desired. 
  3. Under "Streams" you decide which streams you want to make visible to your guests on site. 

Please note: Just because a stream is invisible to the WebApp doesn't mean that the stream can't be live on your website or elsewhere! So you should never just delete a stream. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

And this is how you use the WebApp optimally for your guests on site:

Here is a summary:

  1. You can save your experience page (the link to the WebApp) as the home page in your WLAN. This way, your guests can always access your experiences directly when they log into the WLAN on site.
  2. You can generate a QR code for your experience page and then print this together with the link on various print media on site, for example:
  • QR cards, flyers or the cover of the room card. You hand these to the guest at check-in and inform them of the experiences.This way, your guests always have them at hand, can get inspired and request or book your experiences directly.
  • Your morning post. Here, too, the QR code is particularly suitable. It's best to always highlight at least one experience of the day and point out that guests can use the QR code to go directly to all the other experiences. 
  • Your printed weekly program. This way, your guests can register directly online for the desired experience from your weekly program.
  1. You can also show your experience page on an iPad at the reception or on a touch screen in the lobby.

The better you communicate your experiences on-site, the more intensively your guests will use them on-site. This way, you'll not only increase your visibility on Google (by maximizing clicks), but you'll also boost additional sales at the same time and may even motivate your guests to stay longer or come back next season. 

If you need your own QR code or have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Maren Menzel
Maren supports you to put your experiences perfectly in scene and helps you with all questions around your experiences.
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