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Learn in 10 minutes how to get 50% more reach with your experiences.

How to become a Google SEO Star

The first step is already done, because you have created your experiences at and we have already created all the structures in the background. Now it's just a matter of preparing the content of your experiences accordingly and collecting lots of clicks.

1. Content 

In this video, Lena explains how to optimize the content of your experiences so that guests stay engaged with your experience for as long as possible. Because the longer the guest engages with the experience, the more signals are sent to Google and the more relevant the experience becomes for Google.

You should pay attention to the following:

  1. The call-to-action (CTA) is the most important thing. Make sure that each experience is bookable or requestable.
  2. The guest must see which accommodation the experience is linked to at first glance. Therefore, always add an address to the experience via Google Maps
  3. The description text should consist of short, concise sentences that concretely contain all important information (who, where, what). Please do not write convoluted sentences or too long novels. 
  4. Use emotional and authentic images and make the people and personalities behind the experience visible. The more images you use per experience, the more guests will click through, the longer they will stay on the experience and the more signals will be sent to Google.
  5. By the way, YouTube videos are particularly liked by Google. Therefore, if available, add a short YouTube video to your most important experiences.

2. Clicks

The more often your experiences are viewed and clicked, the more signals are sent back to Google, so it is important to distribute your experiences well on as many channels as possible. In this video Lena explains what these channels are.

Here's a quick overview: 

  1. User our automated Google Places interface
  2. Use our automated Facebook interface
  3. Use our automated Pinterest interface
  4. Create Facebook posts using the link from the experience on your website.
  5. Create Instagram stories with CTA using the link from the experience on your website
  6. Implement the experience widgets as eye-catchers on your website and not only on the homepage as well as the experience page, but also on the matching subpages like wellness, gourmet, summer, winter etc.
  7. Show your experiences in your mailings, be it in your offers, booking confirmations, in the newsletter or in the signature.
  8. Communicate your experiences to your guests on-site, e.g. via your guest info tool, on your own guest terminals via QR code or links, on iPads, screens, touchscreens, in the morning mail, etc.

You have countless possibilities to create an enormous reach with your experiences, to generate visibility and thus to be found on Google!

Watch the full video about Google SEO here

If you still have questions, we'll be happy to help!

Maren Menzel
Maren supports you to put your experiences perfectly in scene and helps you with all questions around your experiences.
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