We know from surveys that the average guest gets three offers before deciding on a vacation package. In this video, Lena shows you how you can easily stand out from your competitors with your experiences.

  1. You have a correspondence tool? Then integrate your experiences with the help of our widgets just like on your website (best visible at first sight).
  2. You use a hotel PMS system, a booking software, outlook or another mailing tool? Then simply add a graphic with the five highlight experiences to your email templates or your signature and link it to the experience subpage on your website.

TIP: The best position for your experiences is right under the "Rooms and Prices" section. Just choose a mix of 50% free and 50% paid experiences and show your highlights, i.e. the experiences that are not available everywhere.

After the booking is before the arrival

Convince with your activities and services not only in your offer mailings, but also in your booking confirmations and arrival mails. Find out which mix is best where here:

Let's summarize: By integrating your experiences into your mailings, you'll attract potential & interested guests to your business while increasing additional sales even before they arrive (remember, 52% of all experiences are booked in advance). So what are you waiting for?

Watch the full video about website & mailings here

If you need help with the creation of the experience graphic or the widget codes, we'll be happy to help!

Maren Menzel
Maren supports you to put your experiences perfectly in scene and helps you with all questions around your experiences.
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