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Your Online Correspondence Tool and - Integrated In No Time

For a successful communication with your guests, your online correspondence tool has become an essential tool on various touchpoints for you? Then you will most certainly want to dive into this blog topic.

Concerning all forms of guest communication, it has become crucial to differentiate from other hotels. Why? Before booking, guests ask for 3 to 4 quotes from different hotels on average. Accordingly, it is even more important to stick out with absolutely unique offers.

Nothing simpler than that: with a quick and uncomplicated integration of into your online correspondence tool you will be able to combine all forms of communication channels with your personal strengths and unique offers. This means more added value for you, as your experiences will be visible and bookable in the easiest and most modern way.


3 reasons why you should integrate in your online correspondence tool right away:


Reason N° 1: Position yourself uniquely in your offer mailing & increase the booking probability with the help of the online correspondence tool!

In the age of digital media, we all struggle with over-information. Day in, day out. Whether on smartphones, emails at work or in our free time - we are constantly confronted with an abundance of offers and decision options. This is why it's even more important to highlight within seconds what makes your hotel so special!

With the integration of individual experiences you can already differentiate yourself from competition in the offer mailing with potential clients. Hereby, the experience widget provided by attracts customers’ attention – and at the same time:

Experiences can be booked directly and feature a fantastic option for additional sales before the arrival!

By presenting your hotel in this authentic way, you serve current trends in tourist travel behavior and open new doors in digital marketing to increase your booking rate.


Reason N°2: Every anticipation email has the potential to double your added value!

Contemporary, digital hotel marketing means rethinking. Means inspiring with emotions and pictures. It does not mean making oneself comparable and replaceable with standardized photos of hotel amenities and classic information texts.

The key? Pick up where anticipation is still the greatest!

Implementing your experiences in confirmation and other anticipation mailings opens up possibilities to increase your added value on a constant basis. It’s time to recognize this potential turnover and use it by realizing additional sales.  

Did you know? 70% of additional sales through your hotel guests are made before the actual arrival!


Fine. This might all sound reasonable – but how much effort do you have to put into the whole thing to get it going?


Reason N°3: With a few clicks you’re all in - in no time at all, your experiences are linked to the online correspondence tool.

In numerous hotels, the integration of into the online correspondence tool has already contributed to a successful increase in value. With just a few clicks, the experience widgets can be integrated on all desired touchpoints of guest correspondence. Within no time we set up all relevant codes for you or your agency. Meanwhile you are free to concentrate on your core values: your strengths, your ideas, your experiences. With a few clicks you’ll have your additional sales at next level.

If any further questions concerning the online correspondence tool arise – please do not hesitate to ask us at


You want to know in which other channels you can increase your added value with and your individual experiences? Here you will find an overview of all other possibilities for your hotel marketing.

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Lena Luxner
Lena is the Co-Founder and Head of Content at Giggle. She holds a bachelors degree in business and management from the Management Center Innsbruck and was involved in Giggle's founding during her studies.