Jakob Bösch

Trends That Continue To Ensure High Occupancy Rates For Local Hosts!

The traditional travel industry as we have known it up until now is staggering, struggling and being forced to reinvent itself.

Long-distance travel is still absent, but the desire for intensive travel experiences continues. The normality as we know it from Venice and the cruise industry was total mass tourism, an offer with unlimited access.

How can the elimination of long-distance travel be compensated?

In particular, there are certain trends that arose from a pandemic in the time of a lockdown and correspond to the current zeitgeist of society:

· Be active

· Close to nature

· Space & distance from the crowds

These are all factors that mean that mountain bike hotels, among others, are experiencing a tourist boom. According to the portal, which has listed over 500 bike hotels, the number of hits on biker hotels increased by 200% in 2020. No wonder, the three trends mentioned above: activity, closeness to nature & the distance from the crowds can be represented in one package.

It doesn't matter whether the guests are sporty downhill riders, leisurely mountain bikers or culinary e-bikers.

YOGA in the woods

Even without a bike, there are countless possibilities for hoteliers and hosts to offer their guests the three components of activity, closeness to nature and distance at the same time. The exotic long-distance journey is largely compensated by the desire to travel more specifically and intensively to the area. Yoga in the forest, a bike tour to pick mushrooms, rafting in the mountain river... All these are unique experiences that the beach on Bali can face. This means that the hosts and their hotel teams who are authentic and personal and also exude trust with their offers that are individually tailored to the trends, will benefit and remain in eternal memories with the guests.

Because in general, vacation experiences on an individual level become more extreme: more extreme relaxation, extreme nature, more extreme bending of the body, more extreme nutrition, more extreme being alone.

A lasting effect, a real relationship to the experienced and the people can only be built through individual experiences.

Only with future-oriented and individual offers is it possible to create sustainable competitive advantages for hotels.

Jakob Bösch
Jakob is our prospector and holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Innsbruck. He is usually your first touchpoint with us and therefore Giggle's friendly voice to the world.