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Tourism Trends That Move The Summer 2021

Nature, light-heartedness, discoveries, ... - the topics that are particularly on your guests' minds with regard to this summer have changed considerably, not least due to the events of last year. After months of restrictions and travel warnings, hardly anyone can wait to escape from their own four walls with their bags packed.

Meeting people again. Laughing with people. Living & experiencing together - of course always with the necessary security.

You as hoteliers are facing an exciting, turbulent season full of emotions. Therefore, right now is the perfect time to use the anticipation of your future guests for your hotel marketing. But how exactly to respond to the new topics and address these needs?

With, your unique experiences become the key to effective marketing to increase booking rates and additional sales!
For this, we would like to share with you below trends for this summer, as well as tips on how you will exactly hit the 'nerve' of your audience - as inspiration for you and for an authentic tourism of the future. We have gathered the trends through intensive market observation and constant exchange with tourism experts. In the foreground are: humanity, safety, nature & regionality.

Travel "Post-Corona" - of important trends and changing guest interests.

Especially due to the long, social distancing and contact restriction, the need for interaction, for new contacts, for humanity is incredibly high. As a host, you can tie in perfectly with this: with interactive experiences, you give your guests the opportunity for this exchange. The identity of the host plays an essential role here. Visitors want to look behind the hotel facade to fully immerse themselves in their temporary home. This creates a feeling of exclusivity.

As hosts, we want to give our guests what they were denied during the pandemic.

In short, to share exciting opportunities for discovery, experiences of nature, food for thought, regional specialties, traditions. Emotions. The more authentic, the more individual, the more exclusive, the better.

Let's now take a brief look at the general change in guest interests. While mass tourism and standard offers have lost a lot of their value, we are observing an increasing interest in individual tourism, in nature experiences and in regionality. Instead of throwing their towel on the lounger at 7 a.m., more and more guests are lacing up their hiking boots for a discovery tour. This is best oriented to regional insider tips - because the environment as well as the local cuisine like a 'Local' to experience is very far in front in the travel program.  

Attention: A trend not to be forgotten that will shape the travel market in 2021 is the point "security".

People are happy to experience new things, yet awareness of hygiene, distance and "safety" has risen sharply. With coordinated experiences - especially out in nature - distance regulations can be implemented very well away from the crowds. In Alpine Forest Bathing, for example, individual immersion in nature minimizes risk.

Based on this, the question now arises: How can you also score with individual experiences? It's time to show your guests the world from a special host perspective with!

Getting creative is not witchcraft:here are the top 3 Giggle tips for exciting, new summer experiences!

1. old familiar things put to new music - the packaging does the trick:

To offer unique experiences, all you as hosts need to do is rely on your core competencies and passions. The most exciting offers for your guests are usually right in front of your eyes. Can you combine two of your existing activities? Or give them a personal touch?

For example, your sun terrace could become the new place for a "sunrise yoga flow." The weekly market shopping could become a "regional market experience" with the chef. Or the hotel cellar becomes the location for a "mystical tasting" of regional wines.

2. hands-on - the participatory trend:

Be it a regional cooking workshop or collecting herbs together - guests love to experience the activities with all their senses! Think of regional specialties, your secret recipes or certain traditions that you could pass on to your visitors.

3. use your social network- the expert from your own ranks:

As a host, you build up a broad network of contacts over the years. Are there hidden talents in your circle of acquaintances that you would love to share with your guests? You can certainly build on this, increase your added value, use synergies.
Think also of already existing offers in the environment, for example of the local tourism association. Unique experiences are hidden everywhere!

You have probably already had some ideas of your own while reading the tips. If you would like to share them with us, just write to us! We are very happy to receive creative ideas and feedback of any kind at

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Theresa Lindauer
Theresa is currently our intern at Giggle and a great asset to our Team!She studies Business and Management at the Management Center Innsbruck and is originally from southern Bavaria.