Theresa Lindauer

Spreading Mediterranean Flair With Personal Experiences

The passionate hosts of Villa Sostaga on Lake Garda like to introduce their guests to the highlights of the region through very personal experiences. This way, they give their guests the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the ‘Dolce Vita’ of the Mediterranean. 

The hospitality, excellent food and a fantastic view of Lake Garda have always existed at Villa Sostaga - however, with this new way of Experience-Hosting, they can give their guests a variety of experiences in- & around the hotel for their unforgettable vacation, as well as assist in areas such as the reception and service, like table reservations and spa treatments.



Through these many touch points, Villa Sostaga has been able to bring an additional 200 experiences to their guests. Not only so, but couples in love - as well as entire wedding parties - deliberately travel to Lake Garda to enjoy one of Villa Sostaga's indescribable tasting menus. The culinary highlights are very much appreciated by guests, and likewise by external visitors. Through the individual experience channel manager, Villa Sostaga not only managed to interact with over 6000 potential guests about their experiences, but to also ideally take advantage of their season through the diverse additional offers.

In addition to their indescribable menus, Villa Sostaga has made many other experiences behind the beautiful hotel facade available, such as massages with fantastic views or discovering Lake Garda in a Fiat 500 Spiaggina in an authentic Italian way.


With, Villa Sostaga makes their individual and unique experiences visible and bookable everywhere they have points of contact with their guests. Thereby, they have created very individual experiences and have engaged their guests emotionally from home, before their arrival. The guests can easily browse all the experiences on the hotel website, the hotel's own Facebook channel and also in the guest mailing - and feel that ‘Dolce-Vita’ vibe before even being there. 

As a Giggle Experience-Host, Villa Sostanga is able to reach many more new guests via Google - guests who are already consciously searching for events on Lake Garda - are thus more likely to stumble upon one of Villa Sostanga’s Experiences.

For guests on-site, an experience ticket with a QR-code is given at check-in, whereby the guests can see all experiences at one glance in the online app and book them directly. Amazing! In this way, Villa Sostaga’s team is able to then concentrate on a higher quality of their service and hospitality.



The best thing is, these additional bookings also generate measurable revenue and success through the cross-platform Experience Channel Manager. Villa Sostaga is thrilled because they know that through the experiences they offer, they can convey Villa Sostaga's values and add a personal touch to the guests’ vacation, making it an unforgettable stay filled with unique memories.

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Theresa Lindauer
Theresa is currently our intern at Giggle and a great asset to our Team!She studies Business and Management at the Management Center Innsbruck and is originally from southern Bavaria.