Theresa Lindauer

Personal Guest Journey in a Post-Covid-19 World

Especially at the time of Covid-19, it is difficult to create a personal atmosphere in the hotel. Distance regulations, contact restrictions and upper limits for guests and visitors make the entire guest journey, i.e. all points of contact with the guest, often look distant.

That is why it is more important than ever to give the guest a familiar, personal feeling so that they feel comfortable despite all the restrictions.

This should begin before the guest is booked: ss a hotelier, give the guest on your website the feeling that you have adapted to the new requirements and that you have everything under control. Honesty and authenticity are central values here in order to win the trust of the guest. A certain concession on the part of the host towards the guest as compensation for the restrictions is always an advantage, for example, an extenuating of the cancellation policy.

It is also a kind of personal gesture to respond directly to a reservation/booking, whether it’s by phone or email.

A phone call to clarify initial questions is of course always the most personal, but other, creative variants can also be chosen to arouse sympathy with the guests, such as a humorous video about the arrangements made in the house or what has changed since the lockdown.

If the guest is in the house, they will notice the biggest changes in the restaurant. Larger distances between the tables, possibly no buffets and service staff with masks. But these circumstances can also be used positively. Because the number of guests is so reduced, you as a hotelier have the opportunity to strengthen the relationships with each individual guest even more.

At the end of the day, each guest should be asked whether they felt comfortable and safe in the hotel. On the one hand to show the guest that you care about their safety and well-being, on the other hand also as feedback for you as a hotelier, so that you know whether you are doing everything right with the precautions you have taken. If the guest goes home with a good feeling and feels that you have taken them seriously, this of course also increases the chance of a positive rating.

With the departure of the guest, the guest journey is not over, even in Corona times.

Stay in touch with your guests and give updates about your home. What makes communication on social media more and more personal for guests is information about the team. Show your team in videos, photos or posts. The guests are sure to be happy to recognize the nice receptionist or the friendly waiter in a post.

The team can also be easily integrated into our Giggle app. Each team member can even be briefly described and linked to several experiences. This means that our Giggle app is as personal as possible and, thanks to the online bookability of the experiences, 100% Corona-compliant. Thanks to the varied experiences, guests do not have to forego an unforgettable holiday, which is characterized by exciting activities, even in these times.

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Theresa Lindauer
Theresa is currently our intern at Giggle and a great asset to our Team!She studies Business and Management at the Management Center Innsbruck and is originally from southern Bavaria.