Julian Kielbas

🚩 Let's Restart Tourism in a More Authentic Direction

Always bigger, always better and always more exclusive – Travel marketing has been a hardware battle!

- this is a coherent reflection of the tourism development in the Alpine region over the past decades. By now, about two million tourist accommodations are being offered in this area. 40.000 of them within the 4- to 5-star-segment. Without a doubt, every single property showcases extraordinary amenities and is set up in a unique location. Looking at the number of travelers within the Alpine region, we register a steadily growing market. A market which is forecasted to double in size until 2030.

If, on the other hand, we’re taking a closer look on recent touristic trends and current travel behavior it is easy to see that standardized offers, group travel and touristic hot-spots do not meet travel expectations anymore. People are longing for nature, insider tips and individual experiences. Latest statistics in this matter confirm: more than two thirds of “Millennials” choose their vacation after experiences and activities in the destination. The kind and condition of the actual accommodation is less important.

Especially a year of Covid-19-limitations – which made the weekly walk to the store seem like an adventure – strongly intensified longings for authentic experiences and interactions with humans.

Following this path of touristic development, we asked ourselves: what do these changes implicate for today’s hotel marketing? To differentiate us from our competitors it is essential to reflect on personal strengths and a unique selling proposition. To reflect on core values. To reflect on your personal host-personality – for more authenticity and more humanity.

It’s time to open our minds for individualism in tourism marketing!

It’s time to meet customer needs and desires at its core. So why not motivating our guests with inspiring moments of longings that convey emotions instead of pure information? Communication of experiences hereby provide the ideal base for successful hotel marketing 2021. How this is easily put into practice? We’ll happily show you in a free, 30-minute workshop!

You can expect answers to the questions of how we as hosts can inspire guests within seconds with authentic experience offers in online marketing - of course individually adapted to you, your ideas and personal strenghts as a host!

We look forward to an exciting session - for a new, sustainable tourism of tomorrow.

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Julian Kielbas
Julian is our sales manager at Giggle. He is an enthusiastic mountaineer, climber and skier.Originally from the Stuttgart area of southern Germany, his love for the mountains eventually drew him to Innsbruck.