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Lisa Tsumakova

This is how hotels and hosts find experience offers that simply have to be shared!

It is no longer a secret that guests are looking for unique experiences that make them forget everyday stress and have fun. Numerous studies have shown that even before booking a hotel, guests are looking for experiences. Therefore, it’s even more important to offer guests interesting and unforgettable experiences.

Whenever you have the opportunity, offer the most memorable experiences whether it’s in your hotel or the local area. Such as “Helicopter flight over the Dolomites” in the Chalet Salena or “Homemade farmer's mozzarella cheese” in the Hotel Zirmerhof. Let your guests remember you and encourage them to recommend you to their friends, family, and work colleagues.

However, if you are not able or have no opportunity to offer exclusive and completely new experiences — no need to worry. There's a great and cost-effective way to spice up your existing experiences. In order to grab the attention of potential guests and get them to book your hotel, a priority task is to have the emotional, authentic and high-quality photos. The aim is to make the guest able to imagine their participating in this experience. If you have a video of the experience, whether it’s filmed by you or is on YouTube, you should include it as well.

Second, you can add value to your experiences by combining two existing experiences or by changing the location of experience. For example, if you have a weekly yoga class on the patio, consider moving it to the forest or the mountain and adding a picnic basket of snacks and drinks to relax and enjoy after the class. Another example would be a combination of an ordinary brunch or dinner and a special place, e.g. a field, a lake or even the forest. Another interesting way to add value to your experience is to offer additional services that a guest can book, e.g. a picnic basket with a blanket, a birthday package with flowers and cakes, regional products such as jam, chocolate and wine, an art kit with acrylic paints, easel and canvas or even a disposable camera with your hotel's logo. The possibilities are endless and we will help you find the best and most suitable experiences and additional services for your hotel.

It's important to think outside the box. The most unique experiences aren't always the most expensive and exclusive that are difficult to implement and manage, such as a sustainable sunrise picnic breakfast on the mountain or a tasting of regional products in the garden. Sometimes it's the simple things that are most memorable.

The most important thing at this point is optimal communication with the guest via all relevant marketing and information channels. For this reason, numerous top hotels in the DACH region already rely on the Hotel Experience Cloud from Giggle.Tips.

How you can enhance your experiences and best present them in the online world, you will learn in the Kick Off workshop with me. I look forward to your hotel experiences and our joint workshop!

Lisa Tsumakova
Lisa is originally from Luxembourg and speaks an astonishing 8 languages. She is responsible for content creation and makes everything we do look good.
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